Необходими продукти:

*мерки и количества

Начин на приготвяне:

Нахутът се смесва с тахана в купа и се пасира до получаването на пюре. Започва да се овкусява с по около няколко лъжици зехтин, сокът на един лимон, две смачкани в хаванче с морска сол, скилидки чесън и черен пипер на вкус. Разбърква се, докато стане пухкав и ароматен.

Сервира се поръсен с прясна мента или кориандър и залят с зехтин.


  • I ve admired your tits jiggling as you walked for a long time.
    The closer you allow her to be in your lives. 29.08.2017 12:10 Отговор
  • The only other thing i can suggest is maybe wine.
    Attraction wise.

    pdf 21.09.2017 22:36 Отговор
  • He was loath to grant me a Captain s station, and only did so because I worked too hard
    and accomplished too much for him to find a justifiable reason to deny
    me. Breeding parties there is no such thing as before the fact use of contraception by either the
    male or female.

    knihy 22.09.2017 0:14 Отговор
  • A lot of the girls at school swear it s fun. Well, we didn t last long.

    knihy 16.11.2017 15:31 Отговор
  • It was a nice sensation – don t get me wrong – to have another guy s tongue
    lapping into my butt-crack and exploring up and down it, but it was more the act of what we were doing
    together that made me feel excited enough to want to jerk off.
    Which is truly the frame of mind i was in when i made the original

    kniha 16.11.2017 19:14 Отговор
  • She was very tired that night. I do have to question why you turned your back on religion.

    knihy 16.11.2017 21:21 Отговор
  • I will be in the plano area at around that time and we can try to meet
    somewhere close to there. I ve know Amy since she was 16, and
    no, I didn t sense then, though she was a cute kid, how much of a bomb-shell
    she would turn into.

    kniha 17.11.2017 8:07 Отговор
  • And if you re a Vampire how are you awake. One of us is usually
    going to have a better time than the other.

    kniha 17.11.2017 13:46 Отговор
  • Moving to the right – it seems very precise. little did I know,
    but this was only just the beginning of one of the most
    memorable nights of my life. 06.12.2017 15:26 Отговор
  • She did not need any encouragement and went to work on me in no uncertain terms.
    Just like the old days.

    knihy 07.12.2017 21:16 Отговор

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